Friday, January 27, 2012

| engat senang nak jadi CHEFF????

The major positions are as follows:
  1. The chef is the person in charge of the kitchen.  In large establishments, this person has the title of executive chef.  The executive chef is a manager who is responsible for all aspects of food production, including menu planning, purchasing, costing, and planning work schedules.
  2. The sous chef (soo shef) is directly in charge of production.  Because the executive chef's responsibilities require a great deal of time in the office, the sous chef takes command of the actual production and the minute-by-minute supervision of the staff.
  3. The station chefs, or chefs de partie, are in charge of particular areas of production.  The following are the most important station chefs:
    • The sauce chef, or saucier (so-see-ay), prepares sauces, stews, and hot hors d'oevres, and sautes foods to order.  This is usually the highest position of all the stations.
    • The fish cook, or poissonier (pwah-so-nyay), prepares fish dishes.  (This station may be handled by the saucier in some kitchens.)
    •  The vegetable cook, or entremetier (awn-truh-met-yay), prepares vegetables, soups, starches, and eggs.  Large kitchens may divide these duties among the vegetable cook, and the fry cook, and the soup cook.
    • The roast cook, or rotisseur (ro-tee-sur), prepares roasted and braised meats and their gravies and broils meats and other items to order.  A large kitchen may have a separate broiler cook, or grillardin (gree-ar-dan), to handle the broiled items.  The broiler cook may also prepare deep-fried meats and fish.
    • The pantry chef, or garde manger (gard-mawn-zhay), is responsible for cold foods, including salads and dressings, pates, cold hors d'oeuvres, and buffet items.
    • The pastry chef, or patissier (pa-tees-syay), prepares pastries and desserts.
    • The relief cook, swing cook, or tournant (toor-nawn) replaces other station heads.
     4.   Cooks and assistants in each station or department help with the particular duties that are assigned
           to them.  For example, the assistant vegetable cook may wash, peel, and trim vegetables.  With
           experience, assistants may be promoted to station cooks and then to station chefs.

#susah kn??? huhu., ia kena mula dari bawah.,  kena sabar., sabar., n sabar :)

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